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Great Lakes Duck Hunts

I'm again offering a fully guided, late season duck hunt on Lake Ontario and the Niagara River in late December-early January. I provide a decoy spread that makes for great hunts that offer fantastic shooting primarily at
Old Squaws (Long Tailed Duck) & Scooters.

The shooting is usually fast and furious with typically 100-125 shots fired daily and some days many more! These birds are very tough and deceivingly fast fliers. If you haven't experienced this type of hunting, I highly recommend spending a day at the practice range before coming. It can be very humbling and frustrating when the misses start to add up!

Don't miss out on all the Awesome Action!

    Duck Hunts - Lake Ontario and Niagara River    
(716) 228-7334

Recommended Gear

You will need: Warm, waterproof clothing in layers. I know, global warming. Well, maybe someday but keep warm. A few pair of gloves to keep a little bit dry and wearing hearing protection.

Your own gun with a duck plug (none supplied) and non-toxic ammo. A 10 or 12 gauge with 3 or 3 1/2" mag chamber and at least 3 boxes of shells. I use Federal #4 or 6's for Old Squaws and BB's for Scooters. Also a box of #7 steel target loads for dispatching of wounded birds.

The daily, 6 hour trip rate is $400 for 2 people; $500 for 3 people. Three is the maximum number of people per boat for safety, although we can arrange for any number, working with the best guides anywhere. Ensuring you'll have a great time with lasting memories that will have you anticipating your next trip with us!

I no longer run fishing trips during duck hunting season due to the extra gear needed for the decoys. If your coming in for extra days, fishing can be arranged. Otherwise I'll re-start my regular Steelhead, Lake & Brown Trout fishing charters right after duck season.

Legal: license, permits & stamps REQUIRED

New York hunting licence, with a Federal duck stamp, signed and in a back tag holder.

Register with New York harvest information program.

Canadian hunters must also:
import your firearm with the US-ATF.

Tails & Feathers Bird Hunting Preserve

They offer guided and non-guided fair chase Pheasant, Chucker and Quail hunts September 1st - March 31st on their preserve. Contact Ken Klino at 716-471-1524 for rates and info. You can set up a trip to include a bird hunt with Trout & Salmon fishing to make for the Ultimate Weekend for Adventurous Outdoorsman.

No hunting license required hunting on this preserve.