Schultz Sport Fishing

You'll Need A Fishing License

and maybe two

menu button You will need a valid New York State fishing license as is mandatory for anyone 16 or older. You can get a NY Fishing License online, calling 1-866-933-2257, or at any Walmart, K-mart, or Town Hall in NY. There is a 24 hour Walmart in Fredonia and in Niagara Falls.

When fishing the Niagara River for Salmon & Steelhead, I highly recommend getting a Canadian fishing license as well as your NY fishing license. It opens up a lot more area to fish and on some days it is much better over on the Canadian side. You don't want to watch them pounding them on the Canadian side and not be able to go catch them too! Canadian Fishing Licenses online or by calling 1-800-667-1940 (usually takes about 3-4 weeks) Note; you don't need a Passport to fish Ontario water, only if you set foot on land. American homeland security now requires a Passport, Enhanced Drivers License, or a Nexis Card to get back.

Gear & Service

We fish out of a fully rigged 2014 Skeeter MX2025. All bait and top quality tackle is provided as well as fish cleaning for Walleye, Salmon & Trout. Smallmouth Bass trips are Catch & Release while with Yellow Perch you can clean them, or we come in early to allow for their cleaning time as we catch 50-150 depending on the day. Assistance and instruction are always included. After that lot depends on the weather.

Weather Reports

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Personal Packing

Bring a camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, dress for the predicted weather, but remember that it is cooler on the water. Always a good idea to have some rain gear, (wind and splashing in travel) a small cooler with drinks & snacks for the day. Motion sickness medication if needed, taken before you get on the boat!

If you have a favorite, or lucky rod & reel bring it along too, although I supply all needed tackle. But, let me know if your bringing more than a couple so I can take a few off the boat to make room as I usually have 18-22 rods on-board most of the time.

Fish Gallery

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Catch, Photo and Release?

I promote a CPR policy (Catch, Photo & Release!) on all my Trophy Smallmouth Bass trips to insure the future of this great fishery. The same goes for the Steelhead & Trout too, unlike Salmon they don't die after spawning so they can live up to 10+ years. Releasing these monsters to sustain and improve this upcoming fishery so everyone has a chance to catch one of these True Trophies! More food for thought.