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Niagara River

menu button The navigable lower section of the Niagara river between the whirlpool and Lake Ontario. King Salmon come up the Niagara River on their annual spawning runs beginning in September. 15-25 pound King's of all Fresh Water Game Fish. We fish by drifting skein, egg sacks and Kwikfish on light tackle for the fight of a Lifetime! A typical day is landing 5-9 Kings with 10-15 hook ups a day common, but the hard part is getting these brawlers into the boat. Between their size and the Niagara River's strong current, you'll have your hands full trying to land them! We'll show you how to catch these screaming drag burning Kings! Once you tangle with one of these Big Boys you'll be hooked! NY DEC's description.

At the end of October the Steelhead, Brown Trout and Lake Trout start to show up to stuff themselves on Salmon eggs and the plentiful bait fish. These acrobatic leapers that rivals the Best Trout Fishing anywhere in the World! While some trout remain throughout the Niagara River all winter long but most drop back to the river's mouth/Niagara Bar. Runs of Steelies come up the river all winter long and hang around mainly in the upper stretches of the Niagara River. Limit catches are the norm most days. It can be a little intimidating and tricky navigating through the fast currents and rocks, so your first trip should be with a knowledgeable guide to ensure your safety.
When river fishing, you should strongly consider getting a Canadian fishing license.

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Niagara Bar

The mouth of the Niagara River in Lake Ontario. A staging area for the salmon and trout spawning runs. A top fishing hotspot in the Great Lakes due to an extremely high oxygen content due to the Falls and rapids, which draws large amounts of bait fish, and in turn great numbers of all types of gamefish. NY DEC's description.

It's not a numbers Walleye fishery like Lake Erie, but its a quality fishery that is very fragile. But when I say Huge, I mean Huge, 10-14 pound Hogs that are caught fairly regularly. The summer Smallmouth Bass fishing rivals anywhere for numbers of these feisty fighters. 50-75 fish days on 1-2 pound Smallies are common with a few 3 pounders mixed in and the occasional 4 pound+ Hog.

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