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The Winter Fishing was Fantastic on the Niagara River and Niagara Bar before the big Snow Storms, high winds and bitter cold temperatures hit! With the water still at 40-41 degrees on January 7th which is the warmest at that date in history! That warm Lake Erie water leading to the huge snow totals!

We were catching everything that swims on the Niagara Bar & the Niagara River! We caught lots of Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Steelhead and 2 King Salmon as well as losing a couple others! Let me tell you catching a Salmon on a medium bass rod, you have your hands full! We had to fire up the big motor to chase one of them down to keep from getting spooled!

The good thing is this great fishing should pick right back up with the weather breaking this week and warming back up into the high 30’s to low 40’s! It should continue until mid to late April, so if you can take the cold temperatures and want to cure your cabin fever. You will be rewarded with some Hot Fishing! Don’t miss out on a great day on the water! Give me a Call Today!!

It’s also time to start planning your spring Lake Erie Trophy Smallmouth Bass trips, your Lake Erie Walleye trip or Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon trip! I will be running a lot more on Lake Ontario in late July & August to take advantage of the fantastic fishing we have had there the last couple years.

With the warmer than normal water temperatures we’ve had so far. The fish have been aggressively feeding and still growing when they are usually in survival mode, just eating enough to sustain themselves! All the fish we’ve been catching so far have been some of the fattest I can ever remember seeing!

I’m guessing we are going to have a banner year on Lake Erie this year! With the amount of 5# Smallies last year, that should Monsters with all the extra chowing down they are doing! Same for the Walleye with ton’s of 14-15″ and 20-24″ that should be all much bigger to fill the cooler!

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